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A Frankie Feature

Have you seen the little feature on me over on the Frankie blog?

My cheeky grin was from ear-to-ear (possibly even wider) when a little email popped up from the lovely ladies at Frankie Mag saying they’d posted my Chocky Pocky Pops recipe. Whilst I did a little happy dance (with phone in hand), I also managed to tweet it on twitter, grab a screenshot for instagram and tell my ladies via what’s app. It sent me spinning and my site into visitor overdrive.

Anywho – a BIG thank you to the Frankie crew for their kind words. Read the whole post here along with the facebook post too. Yipideee-doodah, twenty thirteen has started off with a BANG!

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Friday Happy : Veggies & Worms

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Hello Veggies, Hello Worms. My little friends in my garden are keeping me very busy.

So far, my seedlings that I planted a few weeks ago haven’t sprouted. Massive fail. So off to my local Flower Power I went and picked up a few seedlings (hello instant veggie patch) – hope these ones go the mile.

Meanwhile, my worms have had a bit of a rough run over the last month. When I first set up my wormies (a big thanks to lovely libs for her worm starters) they were so happy. I got worm-juice aka garden-fertiliser-magic within the first two weeks. My herbs lapped it up. Then my worms stalled and no juice could be found – but I did get some castings. But when I lifted the trays, I found that the worms were moving down into the lower juice level and not going back?!

Insert here: my worm farm structure was incorrect. After a quick lesson from a worm farming expert (thanks Alan!) – there was a worm farm tray reshuffle…

Bottom = worm juice/castings (you can separate these into two levels)
Level one = worm headquarters, this is where they live and worm around most of the time
Level two = worm feeding area, this is where they travel up to eat then go back to level one once full

Once the restructure was complete happiness wasn’t restored. Sadly, ants have gotten into the worm farm and have been causing quite a disturbance. So after a quick “google” I’ve done three things; placed the legs in water, watered lightly each day and turned level one and two so that the ants feel dislodged and go far, far away.

So far, so good, now after a few days. The ants are leaving and the wormies are getting better. Funnily enough, this makes my friday very happy.


The City of Sydney run free green workshops
After attending one I got to choose from a compost bin or a worm farm – absolutely free.
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