Why I’ve changed my blog name & some press!

Goodbye to The Gook. Hello The Kawaii Kitchen.

You’ve been asking why I’ve changed my blog name, so here it is…

There’s a lot in a blog name. Your blog name pretty much defines you. It’s a reader’s first impression way before any words are read and ultimately your front-facing brand. Something I didn’t realise way-back-when I launched that first post into the inter-webs.

My move from The Gook to The Kawaii Kitchen was two-fold.

Firstly, I needed to move away from The Gook due to its negative and racist connotations. This recent viral video pretty much sums it up. I had high hopes to change people’s view of The Gook, making it more acceptable in today’s landscape – kind of like the term ‘wog’ (which is now widely accepted and used day-to-day). That was big thinking on my part, and it’s going to take a comedian and maybe even a movie to make The Gook used in an everyday, non-racist way. Ah, one day.

The Gook as a blog name had become a barrier. Other bloggers that I would meet (especially Americans) just couldn’t get past the name. The feedback from readers and fellow bloggers was, ‘change your blog name, it’s holding you back’. When it’s being said to you over and over again – over a number of years – I had to listen. For me, a person who struggles with change (and at heart really stubborn), it was hard to admit blog-name-defeat.

The other reason for the blog name change, was that The Gook no longer represented what this blog was about. I love to cook and create simple yet show stopping recipes. Most of my recipes – especially the sweet ones – come from a concept or idea. I’m obsessed with food minis, integrating pop culture, and adding an asian twist on things. I never intended on playing cute card, yet it seems to just happen and is inevitably part of my personality.

The new blog name was primarily triggered by my followers on instagram. Every time I’d post photos of recipe, the comment were always ‘that’s so kawaii’.

I checked if the domain was available, and it was.

Then boom.

The Kawaii Kitchen it was.

I had grand plans to relaunch a whole new blog design, in line with this Inside Out feature (if you missed it, its below!).However, the timing just didn’t work out. And the perfectionist in me didn’t want to a half-baked-blog-design. That’s just not my style.

In the meantime, sit tight. Enjoy the posts and know a brand-spanking new blog-look is on its way.

PS – Your RSS feeds will need to move over to from now on.


TGIFFF Donuts!


1. Black and white donut simplicity. I feel like this may be my new desk print.

2. Somehow, somewhere I’m going to try and use this type.

3.Watermelon donuts!No bake brilliance.

4. This illustration CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

TGIFFF – Thank God it’s Fat Friday Four

Four things. All foodie related. Just cause it’s Friday. If you’re anything like me, you’re on the countdown to wine-o-clock, and you need a little something-something to make you day go a little faster. It’s fun and always fabulous, plus it’ll be coming to you every FRIDAY. Yeehaa!

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