Hot Cross Coconut Panko Crumbed French Toast

I hope you are all enjoying this lazy Good Friday Day off.

I have no plans. And for me, that’s extremely rare. Usually it’s a string of cafe-dates, catch ups and general running around (picking up groceries, the odd run, getting bits for the week ahead). But, I’m liking these ‘no-plans weekend’. Last weekend was my first in a long while. Round eye had shingles, so was house bound. I kept an arms distance away from him. He just roamed around the house, back and forth. Watching TV shows on the laptop, occasionally getting up for some food, before laying down for a sleep. After lots of rest (and no stress), he’s back on the mend.

Meanwhile, I meandered around the house. Doing ‘small things’ that have been lingering. I fixed that broken zip that has been waiting to be fixed. I put clothes away, that were piled high bedside. Granted, they did get shoved into the tall boy – but they’re off the ground – problem fixed. I finally got to shoot my easter recipes that I had in my head for months on Sunday. It was cloudy and the light was perfect.

Lucky for you guys, I felt inspired by this french toast and adapted it as another easter recipe – alongside my donut-loving no bake bunnies. It’s perfect for the whole family. Doesn’t involve any chocolate, or raisins (my arch-nemissis). These babies, are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. When smothered in a bit of honey (or in my case rice malt syrup, that’s all I had in the cupboard) goes down an absolute treat.

Guys, enjoy the break. Put your feet up.

I’m going to potter around and ‘do stuff’. In an unplanned relaxed kinda manner.





Hot Cross Coconut Panko Crumbed French Toast


200ml Thickened Cream
50ml milk
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of sugar (or 1 tablespoon of Stevia)
1 teaspoon of all spice
1 teaspoon of  cinnamon
1 loaf of brioche, cut into 12 mini squares (or big ones)

Equal parts panko crumbs and desiccated coconut

250g tub mascapone cream, at room temperature
2 tablespoons of icing sugar

1 x plastic Piping bag
butter for frying
Honey for drizzling  (maple syrup or rice malt syrup will work as well)


Mix your panko and coconut crumb together and place onto a large plate. Mix together all the ingredients for the french toast batter in a large bowl with a whisk until smooth.

Set up your french toast station – brioche, french toast batter, panko and coconut crumb mix, then another plate. Now you’re ready to roll. Dunk the brioche into the batter on both sides, then coat with the panko and coconut crumb all round. Once coated, place onto the last plate, ready for frying. Repeat for remaining brioche.

Whip together your mascapone cream and icing sugar in a bowl until smooth. Transfer mixture into a plastic piping bag and set aside.

In a non-stick frypan, heat a knob of butter. Once bubbling, place in your crumbed french toast. Fry until golden each side, you may need to add additional knobs of butter. Drain on paper towel for a few minutes. Repeat for remaining battered french toast. Just before serving, pipe a cross on each french toast and plate up.

Serves 4. Serve with honey and eat immediately.

Egg crepes with Smoked Salmon

One week down and quitting sugar hasn’t nearly been as difficult as I thought it would be.

Let’s rewind. I decided to quit sugar because it’s a constant problem in my life.

Fact One: at work, our lovely clients and suppliers give us stuff because they love working with us, as a little thank you. Think Tim Tams, cupcakes, cakes, hot cross buns, you get the drill. And without sounding ungrateful – we love it but don’t like it at the same time. Why? Cause it’s all bad stuff. And when it’s right in front of us (and me in particular) we can’t say no – nor stop at just one.

Fact Two: we also have a habit of buying a pack (or two) of lollies to get us through the arvo lull. Within an hour, between six of us in the studio – it’s demolished. That’s after we’ve snacked on a few of the freebies from fact one. Then we get the, ‘oh, I shouldn’t have eaten that phase’ - post eating moans.

These two factors were the main catalysts when I decided to throw in the towel and quit sugar.

What I did was not tell my workmates I had quit (they now know!). The week before I cut back sugar. Then as Monday came BAM – I quit for good. So now that I’m on day seven – what have I felt?

I’ve surprisingly been fuller after meals. Snacking has left the building. But if I do feel like a little something-something I have a black tea or green tea – this seems to settle my stomach.

A headache appeared on day 2. It wasn’t too bad, but I guess that was some sort of sugar-free reaction.

I’ve been inventive with my meals, take this egg crepe recipe. Totally yum. I’m also a big fan of chia seeds soaked in milk, served with a dollop of yogurt and a drizzle of rice malt syrup – such an enjoyable plus filling dessert.

I feel like I have a clearer head. Clearer mind with less anxiety.

The three-thirty-itis sugar craving has left the building. I hope for good!

I did give myself a night off – not to eat as much sugar as I can fit in – but to balance things out. I ate a wee bit of sugar, in a creme brulee on Friday night. It was a work function, the meal was a set menu and although I had a glass or two of wine – I didn’t go crazy. But it tasted super sweet and I couldn’t finish the entire serve.

With week one done, I’m set for week two.

egg, crepes, smoked, salmon, yohurt, herb, salad, suger, free, i quit sugar, breakfast, recipe

egg, crepes, smoked, salmon, yohurt, herb, salad, suger, free, i quit sugar, breakfast, recipe

egg, crepes, smoked, salmon, yohurt, herb, salad, suger, free, i quit sugar, breakfast, recipe

egg, crepes, smoked, salmon, yohurt, herb, salad, suger, free, i quit sugar, breakfast, recipe

egg, crepes, smoked, salmon, yohurt, herb, salad, suger, free, i quit sugar, breakfast, recipe

egg, crepes, smoked, salmon, yohurt, herb, salad, suger, free, i quit sugar, breakfast, recipe





STEP ONE Heat a non-stick frypan (roughly 20-25cm) on a medium-high heat.
STEP TWO Crack one egg into a small bowl, whisk well. Spray a little olive oil over the pan, pour in egg and swirl to coat the pan. Season with salt and pepper. The egg crepe will cook really quickly – in less than a minute. Once cooked, transfer to plate. Repeat with other egg.
STEP THREE Lay 2 slices of smoked salmon over half the egg crepe. Fold into half, covering the salmon. Then fold into quarters. Repeat for other crepe.
Serves One. Enjoy with a side of cream cheese, a few lime wedges and a herb salad.

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