Easter Long Weekend Dish Hit List – Chur Burger, Mr Moustache, Three Williams

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Pork usually goes on your fork. This porky burger requires you to don the fork, and get both hands dirty.

I definitely lost my burger shit biting into Chur Burger’s Crispy Pork Belly Burger aka chur-pork. Originally created by food blogger (and burger extraordinaire) Ramen Raff back in November last year, head chef Warren Turnbull has brought back this porky deliciousness for a second appearance at the Taste of Sydney (TOS).

Being a first time Taste of Sydney stallholder, Turnbull chose to say sayonara to the ‘usual menu’, and do something a little radical. Rather than mini burgers from the ‘usual’ menu – Turnbull displayed three ‘non-menu’ burgers, available exclusively at TOS.

Risky? Yes. But all three burgers (chur-pork included) were showstoppers. Which saw instagram posts go a little haywire.

The strategy paid off for Turnbull. So-much-so peeps were flocking just to try chur-pork. A sweet, crunchy, a little chilli, thick caramelised slice of porky-belly-heaven – double fried, of course. Served with a cooling mint slaw and aioli, on brioche. After tasting chur-pork, I’ve been calling Turnbull every night (maybe every second night, as a form of food harassment) to put chur-pork on the regular menu. It’s that burger-mazing.

Please, pretty please. Chur-pork needs a permanent chur-audience. In the meantime, you can grab a fish burger (or good ol’ beef if you’re meat-eating) on Good Friday – hurrah, they are open – cause you know it’s gonna be almost as tasty as chur-pork itself.

48 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW
P (02) 9212 3602






Seems Hall St Bondi is the new foodie hangout. Welcome Mr Moustache. A small moustache-clad joint serving up modern mexican (and $5 tacos from 5 – 6:30pm weeknights) to the hungry beach dwellers. It’s not mexican as we all know it. Yes, they have tacos, but they’re not that pub taco we’re all flocking to with fusion fillings.

These tacos are trad-dish, all about the produce. It’s paired back, fresh and utterly nom-worth – I could eat at least four, easily. Other dish-picks are the slow cooked beef tostaditas, a one-bite-wonder full of softness and crunch (don’t forget the hot sauce!). Or go the prawn tostaditas, a gorgeous stack, perfectly cooked, a little zingy – beware these little bites go down oh-too-well.

Finish your meal off with a shot of mezcal, ‘the real tequila’, as Mrs Moustache tells me. It’s a great stomach cleanser, burns a little, yet helps make room for the epic platános machos. Sounds truly exotic, which it is. This is a mexicana dessert, will make you want to lick the bowl, and push your dessert-sharing-diners out of the way. Caramelised banana flambéd with coffee liquor and agave, creating a coffee-caramel sauce that is banana-loving. With a  contrasting-cooling vanilla icecream, this is Mexico’s take on a banofee pie.

75 – 79 Hall St, Bondi Beach NSW
P (02) 9300 8892





Cafe menu’s are the new gossip columns - don’t you think?

Last year, the word on the food street was all about the beef brisket sarnie at Brickfields, the year before it was all about the reuben sandwich. Now, I’m hearing is it’s all about the narnie over at Three Williams. In order to put a stop to such pesky foodie gossip, I, of course, try these so-called ‘narnies’.

Meanwhile, the last narnie I had was from my local indian joint. Laden in hot string-ey cheese, all puffed up ready to be dunked in (hello heart condition) butter chicken. Those are narnies I know and love (sorry heart!). But these aren’t your local narnies cooked in a tandoor in a matter of seconds. These gour-met narnies are flatbreads, made lovingly on site. Filled and folded over with oh-so-delish fillings.

My pick is the pulled pork, with a little spicy kim chi, crunchy pickled julienne carrots and fresh bean sprouts. It’s the kinda dish where you must put your fork and knife down. Take out that skewer (this is a very important step!), rake that narnie in both hands - and bite. And bite. And bite again. Then, come up for air. Take a small rest, then order the coconut-crusted french toast with tart yogurt and gem-like berries.

It’ll leave you on a sweet high.

613 Elizabeth St, Redfern NSW
P (02) 9698 1111 

THE GOOK dined as a guest of all venues, although there is no obligation to write a review. It’s somewhere I’d gladly recommend and go back to as a paying customer – that’s why it’s here. Any questions contact me, I’d love to hear from you. 

3 Pasta Dishes You Must-Try in Sydney

From a person that rarely eats pasta at home, when I go out for pasta – I only want the best. These 3 pasta dishes are on my must-eat-list. Go early, don’t even think of sharing. Just grab that fork, twist and eat like you’re in Italy. Oh, and make sure a good glass of wine is handy. And, don’t wear white, pasta-splash-back may occur.

  • darlinghurst, bondi, pasta, best in sydney, review
  • darlinghurst, bondi, pasta, best in sydney, review
  • darlinghurst, bondi, pasta, best in sydney, review
  • darlinghurst, bondi, pasta, best in sydney, review
  • darlinghurst, bondi, pasta, best in sydney, review
  • darlinghurst, bondi, pasta, best in sydney, review
  • darlinghurst, bondi, pasta, best in sydney, review

First image courtesy of A Tavola, all other photos by THE GOOK.


This pappadelle is like silk. So-so-thin. Super thin in fact. This dish is pure pasta pleasure. The beef is rich and decadently soft. The tomato sauce coats each pappadelle sheet gloriously. Each mouthful is pure and utter pappadelle porn. Your mouth will be in pasta-gasm. This is a dish you want to order two of. Just because, it’s that good. Oh, and leave room for dessert. It comes in a coffee cup and it could be fooled for a cappucino. Yet, it’s the most amazingly smooth italian meringue, smooth chocolate n’ hazelnut, crunchy amaretti and salted caramel gelato. In normal talk, a cup of pure dessert joy.

348 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW
P (02) 9331 7871

“The Hub” Shop 2 / 75-79 Hall Street, Bondi NSW
P (02) 9130 1246


If my mamma was italian, this would be my most requested weekday dinner. So, so, so simple. Perfectly cooked al dente spaghetti, an abundance of pepper, tossed at the table in a giant pecorino wheel. The pasta is turned several times, imparting the cheese flavour along with small scrapings of pecorino. This pasta is a lesson in simplicity. Just a few ingredients, cooked perfectly and served immediately. Their famous chilli oil goes oh-so-well with this dish too. Pssst, also order the burrata – it rocks.

116 Surrey St, Darlinghurst NSW
P (02) 9332 4052


Don’t be fooled, this may be the older sister to the Fratelli Fresh’s casual eating pasta clan, but the pasta here is a league of it’s own. This dish let’s the scampi’s sweet tender flesh shine. One grilled scampi, lays on a twirled tomato spaghetti scampi stack. Each strand of spaghetti is coated in just-the-right amount of silky, seasoned perfectly tomato sauce. To be honest, the serving isn’t massive. So don’t share. Do savour every mouthful. Do order the tiramisu. And, enjoy the celebrity spotting that comes with this Pott’s Point pasta favourite.

12-16 Challis Ave, Potts Point NSW
P (02) 9357 1744

THE GOOK dined as a guest of A Tavola (only), although there is no obligation to write a review. It’s somewhere I’d gladly recommend and go back to as a paying customer – that’s why it’s here. Any questions contact me, I’d love to hear from you. 

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