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Friday Happy : Tokyo Buys Part One

Tokyo, what to buy, homewares, muji, kappabashi st

When I go to Tokyo I pack extremely light. Cabin baggage only.

I do pack a larger foldable bag inside my cabin baggage to carry all my buys on the way home. But before I left for Tokyo I said to myself, “You’re not going to buy that much stuff – you don’t need much more.” To counter this statement I only exchanged $1500 worth of cash (thankfully the aussie dollar is practically one to one, this has never been the case on my six prior trips). This cash would cover hotel, eating, transport and shopping costs. Sidenote: I find it much easier to use cash in Japan rather than a travel money card.

In terms of clothes shopping, if you are after designer – it’s the best place. For those of us without the cash for designer, I do find there is a lot of good-looking-fashionable-clothing that has a mid-range to high pricetag – yet it sucks on quality. I’ve bought this type of clothing on previous trips thinking it was a top find. But I’ve found, after one wash, it’s shrunk severely or lost it’s shape or buttons. This trip, I made a conscious decision to shop smart. Buy only really good quality items that will last and will work with existing pieces in my wardrobe.

In terms of homewares shopping. Japan (not just Tokyo) is pure heaven. I set no boundaries here in terms of dollars. However, in my mind any homewares that I bought needed to work with my collection, no one-off items. Things such as silicon moulds or kooky novelty kitchen gadgets – I wanted items I could shoot with and rework again and again.

With seven days in Tokyo – did my cash last?

For the most part yes. I went over because my cabin bag aka little blue broke after five long years together. It got replaced with a rather swanky Muji Bag that set me back $150 but it’s so well designed it’ll last me a good five years. That’s it!

Tokyo, what to buy, homewares, muji, kappabashi st

Fabric from Uniqlo, Tray from Muji, Salt and Pepper Shakers from Kappabashi St, Fur Pom Pom Badge from Lumiere, Amber Glasses from Kappabashi St, Bills Ricotta Hotcakes Keychain from Bills Omotesando (purely for the novelty factor!), Oak Cutlery Holder from Muji, Craig purse from Lumiere, Pewter Plate from Kappabashi St.

Tokyo, what to buy, homewares, muji, kappabashi st

Stone-look Plate, Teacups and Blue bowl from Kappabashi St, Oak Chopping board from Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama, Linen Placemats from Muji, Enamel Tray Set from Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama, Spot Purse from Lumiere, Blue Top from Kate Spade Saturday, Wooden fork and spoon from Kappabashi St.

PS – This is part one, just a snippet of things I bought. Part two will be up in a few days!

A Waikiki Ending

It was our last night in Waikiki and two choices presented themselves; to join the Spam Jam annual street party or dine at Nobu. Let me paint the picture.

The annual street party.
The main road is closed. It’s transformed with food tents, speakers and stages for the annual street party – which happens a few times a year. There’s several stages with music blaring from latin to rock n’ roll to relaxed island music that sounds a lot like Jack Johnson. There are street-side tacos with pulled pork, burgers on the grill, wood fired pizzas cooking amongst a sea of thousands of people.

Or Nobu.
A fine dining restaurant chain, owned by Hollywood’s Robert De Niro with two differing dining experiences. A casual dining experience at the bar called Nobu Tapas, quaintly described on the menu as ‘The Nobu Threesome’ – any three food items and a choice of dessert for only $32. Or, do the full hob – wine n’ dine in the restaurant where signature dishes go along the lines of; black cod saikyo miso or king crab leg amazu ponzu.

Usually, we would have been all for the street party but it was our last night and I wasn’t trading it in for a street-side dinner (even though pulled pork sounded very appealing).

Last holiday night = a special dinner + a few drinks

We put on our tunnel vision glasses and set straight for Nobu. Our hotel was a bit of a walk. So dodging, side stepping and a few Benji Marshall moves were involved to get us to Nobu – on time.¬† These street shenanigins couldn’t detract us from our booking.

To keep with the relaxed resort feel of the trip, we opted to dine at the bar for ‘The Nobu Threesome’. We just didn’t feel like having an over-the-top fancy schmancy meal (plus, I wanted to sample a whole heap of dishes). We wanted to end the trip with some great food and a few drinks. Have a casual night out – cause deep down, we are a casual couple. So it seemed fitting.

Nobu shined in all it’s glory. The food; was bite-size but delicious. The service; prompt but not over the top. The environment; casual and dimly lit (very romantic). We definitely ended our holiday on a really great note and promised ourselves that we’d be back soon and hit the annual street party next time round.

Japanese Cucumber & White Peach Sangria, cause every meal should start with a cocktail

Round Eye made me take a photo – note the blurriness!

Nobu Salmon Tacos, so good and I loved all three sauces that accompanied the tacos

Round Eye went for the Nobu Style Wagyu Tacos and gave them the BIG thumbs up

Cute, crunchy and mouthfuls of joy. I could have eaten ten of these.

Seabass Tempura with Spicy Shiso Ponzu, this was probably my favourite dish because of it’s simplicity

Crisp and fresh, these small fish mouthfuls were delightful

This pork belly kushiyaki is something that I’ll definitely recreate at home, it was the perfect mix of sweet n’ salty the shallots in between were a gorgeous contrast

Round Eye’s white chocolate epiphany, was nice but lacked the flavour and texture punch it needed

My mini bento box was teeny-tiny but I loved every mouthful

This sesame praline trail was divine, it needed a bigger trail of the stuff



2233 Helumoa Rd
Waikiki Hawaii
P +1.808.237.6999

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