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Friday Happy : Sydney from the Sky

sydney aerial shot, sydney harbour, sydney from sky

Is it Wednesday, Tuesday or Friday? Have you lost track of the days? I certainly have. This week has been like a breath of fresh air – don’t you just love the silly season.

I’ve had so many sleep ins, I’m not sure how I’m gonna get up for work after this. I’ve also watched season 5 and 6 of Gossip Girl and felt a little underwhelmed by the ending – so predictable! Even braved the crowds for the boxing day sales. I’ve pulled down and derooted the entrenched vine that was growing along our fence (and into my neighbours garden). It first started as a prune – then somehow I just kept cutting. Let’s call it a buzz cut, right down to number zero. The seeds are sown in anticipation for the new veggie patch. And the annual house clean is done – goodbye dust!

No wonder I’ve been sleeping in…

Okay, from here on end, no more sleep ins… while I’m on holidays, it’s time to milk this city for all it’s got.

Have a tops weekend folks!


This shot was somehow taken from an airplane window from a Brisbane to Sydney flight.


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