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Not One Direction But Three Directions

For most people bad things come in threes. But for me, I got the other end of the stick – *hip, hip, hurray!* -  three good things landed in my lap (trust me, it doesn’t happen that often, so let me bask in this glory for one tiny una-moment-oh.)

The first good thing involves biting the bullet.

“I’d never imagined that my life would have changed so much in a few short years.” It’s the first line of Jane Webster’s new book, “French Ties – Love, Life & Recipes” that makes you stop and think, wow, we really are in control of our own destinys.

If you haven’t heard of Jane Webster, you need to web-stalk her here. Short story; a honeymoon in France creates a five-year-french-itch, turn obsession. Then after so much talk, it was time to put the plan into action and stop the dreaming and start living. Fast forward to today; you can eye-ball over her 70 room chateau in Normandy, Michelin starred restaurant, her lifestyle of eating-breathing-and-basking in the french culture. Every. Single. Day. Then plan your own giant-county-change. I love that it was the dream of waking up and walking through the french markets with her wicker basket, striped top and occasional beret that pushed Jane over the edge to make her dream a reality. Truly, completely jealous but hats off to this clever lass. And her new book is brill too.

The second good thing means savoury things meet sweet things with a side of tea.

High tea is not my dining event of choice. Envisage me rolling around the floor after a surplus of sweet treats, and an unhealthy habit of not being able to display self control. But instead have one of everything. Blame my glutinous asian ways.

Nahhh-ahhh-haaa. Not this time. Patisse (headed by Masterchef Vincent Gardan) put on a stunning high tea which had just the right amount of savoury delights to balance out the spectacular sweet treats. It’s not about a buffet of all-you-can-eat, but a melody of classics like the chicken n’ chive sandwiches to the magnificent layered sweetness of coconut cake, chocolate mousse topped with raspberry compote with a side of meringue. Then all washed down with a good ol’ cup of tea. The serving size was just right and this time there was no rolling or waddling, just a gentle stroll onto a late lunch.

The third good thing is my chef crush.

Vincent Gardan, mister you oooze such passion and a love for this country – that it’s infectious. What’s not to like?! Plus your accent is like music-to-my-ears and you can make some damn fine sweet n’ savoury parcels that makes every lass buckle at the knees. Need I say more. Vincent also gave me his top 3 eats. Not your usual suspects either – which I admire. From the top; number 1, Bistro Moncur, number 2 Bar Reggio then number 3, Patisse – of course!

After all these good things, bring on the bad things – I can take it now.

High Tea with a side of Givenchy - woop woop!

Sit and admire the macaron trees, divine.

It's early so I start with a little latte - to get my palette going

Before I know it, the savoury course arrives and I dig right in

The obligatory top shot?!

There may be a gorgeously sweet red onion but It's all in the pastry darling

These smoked salmon blini's need to make a come back, why on earth did they disappear?

Now to revitalise with some earl grey before the sweetness arrives

And admire the tiny milk jug (I'm a sucker for small things)

But before the next course we get a low-down on Jane and Vince's French love affair from Michelle (Patisse's owner and founder)

Bring. It. On.

Lemon syrupy sponge with apple tart - I don't know where to start

Hold on. This beauty is très magnificent!

Again, it's all in the pastry. And the custard. And the mini apple bits. And the crisp top crust. Nom.

Incredibly moist and light syrupy lemon cake - which is surprising easy to make. You're gonna have to get Jane's Book, "French Ties - Love, Life & Recipes"

Cause it's all about posing with the food (the meringue made me do it!)

Layers of gloriousness and not sickly sweet. Tick!

This lady (Jane Webster) has the life we all dream of. Can you take me in your suitcase?

xoxo chef crush girl


High Tea at Patisse
Vincent Gadan designs a special menu with a different theme.
The next high tea events are;
Sunday 13th May: Mothers Day – A classic High Tea to treat your Mum!
Sunday 27th May: French Inspired – featuring Burgundy – Vincent Gadan’s home region

Classic High Tea is also available for groups (minimum of 8 people) during our regular trading hours or Corporate Event Hire.

Shop G01, PYD Building
197 Young Street
P (02) 9690 0665

 THE GOOK dined as a guest of Patisse

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