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The Sushi Cheeseburger

I eat sushi at least once a week.

My sushi joint of (work) choice is Sushi on Stanley. It’s big. It’s cheap. Most importantly, it’s fast and fresh.

Occasionally, I stray from this sushi joint. To be adventurous.

I stagger up the hill towards Taylor’s Square on Oxford St, take a seat at the pleather clad Sushi Train seats  and watch plates with container tops rotate round n’ round. Truth be told, I don’t enjoy it that much. My work colleagues, like it a lot. For me, I get annoyed by the slow moving plates (I can see the dish I want, then it gets nabbed!), the not-so-clear container tops that force me to open them to view the ‘actual’ sushi. I eat a few plates. I stack them up and ask for my bill. I complain that it’s not great value. Hence why I go there ‘occasionally‘.

One thing did come out of this not so great sushi train experience. In the midst of cloudy covered plates of okay (edible) sushi, a small laminated, crushed and corner-battered sign yielding ‘cheeseburger sushi’. Ding! What a dish. I don’t order it, but see it come out to a couple sitting right next to me.

Such utter disappointment. It was like that big kid who burst your bubble in kindy. There was no sushi burger. More a sushi roll, with strips of beef, melty cheese, sauce and onions oozing out of the centre.

I wanted it to be a itty-bitty-mini-sushi-cheeseburger. Just like this. Don’t you agree?

sushi, cheeseburger, how to, recipe, japanese, burger, rice, mini, party, food, pop culture, fast food, at home, asian

sushi, cheeseburger, how to, recipe, japanese, burger, rice, mini, party, food, pop culture, fast food, at home, asian


2 cups of Brown Sushi Rice (make your own or use the easy MICROWAVE packets)
3-5 slices of plastic cheese, cut into quarters
1 x white onion, finely diced
5 CORNICHONS, sliced into thin rounds
Tomato Sauce

500g beef mince
1 x egg
salt and pepper


To make the beef patties place all the ingredients into a mixing bowl. Beat the mixture in a clockwise direction until it comes together to form a ball. Form small patties about 10% bigger than your sushi brown rice burger tops (these shrink as they are fried). Refrigerate for ten minutes.

Fry your onions on a medium heat until translucent. Set aside.

With slightly wet hands form your sushi brown rice burger tops by squeezing the rice together in the palm of your hands. Repeat with remaining rice.

Fry your beef patties on a medium high heat. They will take less than a minute on each side. Set aside.

Assemble your burger; burger bottom, beef patty, slice of cheese, sauce, onions, cornichons then your burger top. Repeat the process for your remaining ingredients.

Makes 12. Eat immediately. No chopsticks required!

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  • Tee you honestly win the award for blog with cutest recipes ever. Too cute

    Winston March 16, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    • Winston, I’m a crazy-cute-recipe-hoarder – you wait until you see next month. It gets better and better!

      admin March 16, 2014 at 10:12 pm

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